At the moment I only have a few things for sale:

0.0.3 late 2013 corn snakes

I have 2 normals and 1 annery left from my clutch last year, they were bred by me and their parents were and Amel and an Annery so they are double het for snow. All snakes are eating well and always shed in one clean piece. They have calmed down a great deal now and can be handled with no problems. I am looking for £25 each

1.0.0 Striped Californian King Snake

I also have an adult male Striped Californian king Snake sale. He is about five years old now and 3.5 / 4ft long. He is eating extremely well on small weaner rats and he sheds fine too. He can be a bit lively and viv defensive but he is usually okay once you have him out in your hands. I am only looking for £30 for him.

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