I have been growing up a few het albino royals that should all be at breeding weight by this season and will be paired to my male albino, so should be seeing a few baby albinos as well as some hets later in the year. 

My biggest project at the moment is my Lemon Blast male and Bumble Bee female, They are both big enough to breed now so if the odds go my way there could be a super pastel spinner in the mix, as well as potential combinations of pastels, pinstripes and spiders. I will also be putting the Lemon Blast to my female Pastel and Normal too.  

I still plan on breeding the corn snakes too. I have 3 females: 2 Annerys and 1 Amel Stripe and my male is a normal het amel and anney so can expect a mixture of the above.

I have not yet bred them successfully but I plan on breeding the carpet pythons too. Last year they did lock, and the female laid a good looking clutch of fertile eggs however none survived incubation so I'm hoping for some better luck this time.

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